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UK women's vote centenary On the centenary of some British women winning the right to vote, Women speaks to six women who share their first name with suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst. Spread across the globe, from Kigali to Sao Paulo, they all say their name has made them more inclined to fight for women's rights, even if they weren't originally named after the feminist icon.

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Sex chat in sao paulo uk

My mother searched in a name book and it said "industrious and striving". She said that she had heard of Emmeline Pankhurst - she didn't study her in the history syllabus but she knew she was an important person in history. I would have really loved to have learned about her - when I was younger I would search online housewives seeking nsa susank kansas 67544 see if there were any other Emmelines out there and her name would come up first.

I think looking back now I would say that it did have an impact on me - I am fairly outspoken and I do seek fairness in certain situations. There is a fine line between feminism and sexism - and in Asia those who aren't well versed with the term would relate it to a woman who was outspoken or demanding of more than they should.

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But it really is about having a voice in gender equality and creating a level playing field in terms of salary and equal opportunities. That is what feminism is ultimately, so if you were to ask me if I was a feminist then yes I would say I am. About 10 years ago I represented Malaysia for Miss World.

I think these days it's a really good platform for women to speak out about the domestic issues in their country. In recent years there have been more women speaking up about women's rights and providing platforms for abused women in bad relationships or domestic violence, but the problem at the moment is there are not enough shelters provided to help these people.

It would be good if the government would step up and provide more funding. There are more women-only facilities now - like women-only car parks closer to the entrance of shops, and indiana gentelman seeking ltr have train cabins that are women only.

Women: does being called emmeline change your life?

I think there should be more of it - you want to feel safe. It's a bit sad that it's necessary, but it's a good fix for now. Emmeline Cooper, 42, London image copyrightEmmeline Cooper I don't asian escort montreal Emmeline Pankhurst ukk the only reason my mum named me Emmeline - she liked the name and she never raised me saying 'you're named after Emmeline Pankhurst', but she ik very interested in the suffragettes and she would describe herself as a feminist, so I think it played a part.

People often say to me, 'That's a really beautiful name', and sometimes they'd say, 'Were you named after that Hot Chocolate song?

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It was a start to a conversation about it. When we were growing up in the s [in the UK] there was ul talk about feminism than there is now - my mum talked about these ideas in the home but outside the home they weren't talked about.

Sex chat in sao paulo uk

I studied GCSE history and we studied that time - and the suffragettes just came up as a sentence or a paragraph in our notes in a two-year course. It really was just a sentence of history.

Sex chat in sao paulo uk

To think it's only years ago - it's extraordinary because as you get older your sense of time and history changes. I would say I'm a feminist but Cha would like to not have to say that about myself.

Sex chat in sao paulo uk

I want to be able to live in a world where I don't have to make that statement in order to get my rights. I think it's an amazing time for women but I believe that people just have to keep having conversations with themselves and with their friends, partners, with their sons saao daughters. The only way things really change is when everyone is included in these conversations.

Sex chat in sao paulo uk

It feels very media focused and that the media tends to polarise everything and that doesn't reflect in any way cjat own reality and my experience of talking to other people in my life. If you respect the opinions of others, people are also happy to listen to your point of view. It's these conversations that can help lead to change.

Sex chat in sao paulo uk

Emmeline Long, 21, Utrecht image copyrightEmmeline Long My mum's told me I was named after Emmeline Pankhurst and it's always been important to me - the equality of both genders - and I really feel that's part of my character. Un do feel there's a level sak expectation to meet the fact I was named after her - especially when it comes to feminist issues. I feel it's important to stand up and talk about these things.

Sex chat in sao paulo uk

My mum talked about the difference between when she was younger compared to when I was young- the opportunities to go abroad, to take on different career options, the flexibility for women to participate in all these different career options, and I've always tried to take those opportunities. But when I talk about Emmeline Pankhurst it's usually older generations somethings onwards who know who she is - I normally get blank faces from people younger than that.

Emmeline Lucena, 32, Sao Paulo It is an unusual name here. The first choice was Larissa but my parents had sal neighbour who had a daughter called Larissa and they didn't get on with each other so they decided to choose another name. And then my dad read Emmeline by Judith Rossner.

Now - as a minister - she saw her chance and the evangelical pastor could not be happier. One thing we need to overcome here in Brazil is this new debate that everything that comes from religion is bad.

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Her family does not like to talk about sex. She would not consider abortion and thinks there is no place for condoms. She even suggests girls sometimes think their partners are being presumptuous if they are carrying condoms and that can start an argument. Information, not abstinence "We need to talk more with women to break down taboos and beliefs that constrain women, beliefs that are just passed on white chat their mothers and grandmothers," says Danie Sampaio, adding that a macho culture and hyper-sexualisation of women in Brazil are the biggest obstacles to bringing teenage pregnancies down.