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However, this method returns a simple microphone, which does not have the ability to eliminate acoustic echo.

Chat flash

In order to eliminate acoustic echo, you need to get an instance of microphone using Microphone. This method returns a device microphone that has the acoustic echo cancellation feature enabled for mobile.

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Create a real-time chat application To create a real-time chat application, capture audio and send it to Flash Media Server. Flash Media Server can broadcast the audio to other clients.

Chat flash

To create a chat application that doesn't require heets, use acoustic echo cancellation. Acoustic echo cancellation prevents the feedback loop that occurs when audio enters a microphone, travels out the speakers, and enters the microphone again.

To use acoustic echo cancellation, ladyboys malden the Microphone. Set Microphone. Play microphone audio locally Call the Microphone setLoopback method to route the microphone audio directly to the local computer or device audio output.

Chat flash

Uncontrolled audio feedback is an inherent danger and is likely to occur whenever the audio output can be picked up by the microphone input. Enter the URL of your flashchat.

Chat flash

Select mode. Select room that will show when loading. Click Finished to generate code.

Chat flash

Click Copy to copy the embedded code. Insert the code into your web.