Best Offshore Web Hosting Services – Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server

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Best Offshore Web Hosting – Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server

Offshore Web Hosting services - Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server, silverweb.infoThe word Offshore Web Hosting means hosting your website, data or application on a server that is physically located in and operated from a far-off location which is away from the place of origin or a different country than you’re located in. But nowadays, Offshore hosting Service refers to such a website hosting service that is physically located and operated from outside of the territory of any country (specially The Five Eyes) that generally spies on people living in that country through data retention laws.

The “Five Eye” is an intelligence alliance between USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and these countries are continuously spying on their citizens as well as on the rest of the world through data retention laws. 

A very good example of such miserable event is that recently US Precedent Donald Trump, through department of justice, has forced to file a motion to compel the renowned USA based web hosting company DreamHost to release roughly 1.3 million visitors’ IP addresses that were logged at  (hosted on DreamHost)  following the allegation that this website owner helped organize nationwide protests against President Donald Trump on his inauguration day earlier this year 2017. Now DreamHost fall under legal pressure of USA and forthe past several months, DreamHost has been working with the Department of Justice to comply with legal process, including a Search Warrant (PDF) seeking information about the website  

The internet was founded — and continues to survive, in the main — on its democratizing ability to facilitate a free exchange of ideas. Internet users have a reasonable expectation that they will not get swept up in unexpected investigations simply by exercising their right to political speech against any government.

So, where you host your website is also important. The country your website is based in also determines which freedom of speech laws you are subject to. Offshore web hosting services are far superior to those based in the Five Eyes States. To avoid this unfortunate environment, you can choose best offshore Web Hosting provider to keep your privacy reasonably secure from those five eyes.



Shinjiru, founded in 1998, is a Malaysia based professional Offshore webhosting service provider. With 8 offshore data centers located in Malaysia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russian and Singapore dedicated to your security, identity protection and anonymity, Shinjiru is focused on providing a wide range of services – Strong-bolt domain registration, Offshore Shared Hosting, Offshore VPS hosting, Offshore Dedicated Servers, Offshore Bitcoin hosting, Servers CoLocation, Email hosting, VPN (Virtual Private Network, DDoS Protection, SSL Certificate. Their server speed and uptime have satisfied lots of customers. They have dedicated team engaging in 24/7 customer supports including live chat support. As a whole, Shinjiru is one of the best off-shore webhosting solutions in industry. Visit:

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SwiftSLots, founded in 2013, is a privately owned offshore webhosting service provider that offers affordable web hosting services like ) offshore shared hosting, offshore vps (Virtual Private Network), Windows vps, kvm vps and also offshore reseller hosting. Their servers are located in Tier-3 datacenters located within Europe. They own their hardware and colocate them in Netherlands datacenter.

SwiftSLots are determined to provide powerful, reliable & secure webhosting solutions at affordable prices.  All of their services are offered by fast/instant setup, 24/7 dedicated support, 99.9% uptime uptime guarantee, 7 days complete money back guarantee & much more! They assure that you experience premium quality network and no interruptions in your service. Visit:

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OrangeWebsite is a very renowned Iceland based offshore website hosting service provider that has been offering, since its establishment in 2009, high-quality and secure webhosting solutions to its customers worldwide. All of its offshore hosting plans are hosted in Iceland which is not part of the EU or USA and where online censorship is low. Basically this web hosting provider is built up to make a way to independent freedom of expression legislation to guarantee publishers, journalists and bloggers a safe haven to publish their words without being harassed.

The web hosting plans are designed for both beginner and professional use. All of the hosting plans are hosted on high-speed professional servers with 99,9% uptime and they assure your site is always online and working fast. Servers are protected by the latest security solutions available. The customer support team are online 24 hours every day, 365 days a year to provide assistance in case an issue arises. All of their  hosting plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Visit:

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Maple Hosting

Maple-Hosting, founded in 2008, is a privately owned offshore webhosting service provider that offers VPS (Virtual Private Network) and Dedicated Servers hosting solutions. Their state-of-the-art data center is an ISO 27001:2005 Certified DC With Tier 3 Redundancy located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Their dedicated servers are fully customizable servers that has installed the advanced Intel processors and are connected to a dedicated 1 Gbps internet port. The data center provides 2 separated power supply lines. In case of a grid failure, the system automatically & instantly switches to redundant UPS batteries while the generator system starts up. The 13,000 liters diesel generator can then run for 50 hours. Visit:

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WebCare360, founded in 2009, is an offshore webhosting service company registered in an offshore zone of St. Kitts & Nevis that started its journey to meet the growing demand for private secure offshore web hosting solutions. WebCare360 offers offshore VPS (Virtual Private Server,  Dedicated server, Shared and Re-seller hosting along with offering domain registration and web designing solutions for both the beginners and professionals. All offshore hosting plans are hosted in Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Russia, NetherlandsBulgaria.

WebCare360 has been providing one of the highest privacy, protection and secure offshore web hosting services to the web hosting community.  Since, from their start, they have undergone a number of changes in the pursuit of providing professional and up to date services as much possible as practicable. They are now successfully hosting a large number of customers through out the world as one of the top offshore hosting provider. Visit:

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1MaxHosting, founded in 2003, is a web hosting firm based in Malaysia that offers a broad range of affordable WebHosting solutions including Low Budget Hosting, Cloud Hosting Service, Linux/Windows Shared Hosting, Business Web Hosting, E-commerce, E-Mail Hosting, Dedicate dserver, Semi dedicated server, VPS hosting, Server Co-Location etc.

Their Cloud Hosting portfolio provides you the power you need, when you need it. Solutions easily scale as your business grows with online and rapid provisioning, and they assure your applications and data are available at all times. Leverage the expertise of their highly technical and experienced staff by customizing your solution today. works with renowned brands in the industry such as Juniper, Intel, Dell, Microsoft and Cisco among others. It has a customer support team that provides supports on the phone, live chat and email for consultations with their clients. Customers can also connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter and Google + for additional support. Visit:

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