GetResponse Review – Best Email Marketing Service tool for Business

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GetResponse Review – Best Email Marketing Service tool to increase your online sales 


Marketing plays an important role in today’s business and when it comes to make a contact with the customers, then Emails are also useful. Whatever the product you are going to sell, you will always need an email marketing service in order to keep your business growing. GetResponse is among the best email marketing services that is offering a large number of plans for marketing that has made today’s business highly easy and useful. GetResponse is offering its flexible plans of registration with the 30 day trial that is 100% genuine. In this free trial, you are allowed for up to 1000 contacts without the need of a credit card and the monthly subscription to GetResponse only costs $15.

GetResponse Review: The Best Email Marketing Service tool for conversion

If you are looking for the reasons for the question, Why GetResponse is the best email marketing service, then  this GetResponse review is here to answer you with the best reasons that will surely help you. Have a look at the benefits offered by GetResponse.

350,000 happy customers (1 billion subscribers/month)

GetResponse is probably the easiest as well as the most professional Email Marketing service provider in its industry. It has about 350,000 happy customers in 182 countries, engaging more than 1 billion subscribers every month. They have already proven their high professionalism through their top-notch quality services and support having been delivering every day and night 24/7/365.

Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KISSmetrics daid: “GetResponse is head and shoulders above the rest. I call it my email marketing secret weapon.”

GetResponse Review : The Best Email Marketing Service tool for conversion d


Professional Pricing Plan

This GetResponse review should start with it’s pricing plan.  GetResponse professionally offers a variety of pricing plans –email plan, pro plan, max plan and additionally enterprise plan. Each plan is available on a month-to-month basis as mentioned below.  You can save 18% with 12-month pre pay and 30% with 24-month pre pay.

Email Plan (Perfect for email marketing beginners)

Email list size up to 1,000 subscribers: $10.5/month

Email list size up to 2,500 subscribers: $17.5/month

Email list size up to 5,000 subscribers: $31.5/month

Email list size up to 10,000 subscribers: $45.5/month

Email list size up to 25,000 subscribers: $101.5/month

Email list size up to 50,000 subscribers: $175/month

Email list size up to 100,000 subscribers: $315/month

Pro Plan (For growth-focused marketers and SMBs)

Email list size up to 5,000 subscribers: $34.3/month

Email list size up to 10,000 subscribers: $52.5/month

Email list size up to 25,000 subscribers: $115.5/month

Email list size up to 50,000 subscribers: $196/month

Email list size up to 1,00,000 subscribers: $343/month

Max Plan (For marketing pros with advanced needs)

Email list size up to 10,000 subscribers: $115.5/month

Email list size up to 25,000 subscribers: $178.5/month

Email list size up to 50,000 subscribers: $259/month

Email list size up to 1,00,000 subscribers: $406/month

Enterprise Plan (For businesses seeking scalable, high-performance solutions)

Email list size up to 1,00,000+ subscribers: $717/month

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, just get a test drive – they won’t charge you a dime! 1 month free – no strings attached. Try now


Powerful Tools and Features

Are you a small business owner, professional blogger, or marketing agency? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pro, Getresponse has got you covered facilitating powerful tools and features built for success and ease of use that you’ll love. Find out how simple email marketing can be, with GetResponse.

Modern Designed Dashboard Account Area 

Whenever you are going to evaluate the services of the email marketing companies, most of the people don’t care for the look of the email account along with the feel of the dashboard, analytical charts and the editors of the email. But when it is about GetResponse, this is highly exceptional as it provides its customers a clean and clear dashboard account with the well-designed tools that are very easy and good to work with it.

GetResponse utilizes large font size and provides a large number of whitespace. This is how you will be able to encounter less strain on the eye and you will be able to work comfortably for a long period of time. The other common advantage offered by GetResponse is that you are able to snap every single and important tool with a single mouse click.

500+ Free Newsletter Templates For Email

GetResponse Review: The Best Email Marketing Service tool for conversion templateWhen it comes to GetResponse, you will be given a wide range of stylish designs of the template to be used for every type of marketing service. You can select every template depending upon your type of marketing service. If you are unable to find the one matching your criteria, or you don’t like any of these templates, then you can create your own new template. This is simple as you have to use a simple drag and drop tool that will create a quick and easy template without any need to use the complicated code of HTML.

This is how you will get your own desired template on which you can add your new images and texts and whatever things that you like by using GetResponse interface. If your preference for building the email is the use of HTML, then an option is still available for you. If you have not any experience in the design, then quality of email templates is always an essential part. If you are skilled in the design of HTML, but you don’t want to make a new one, then GetResponse offers a large number of templates for the email that are designed to save your time and effort.

1000+ iStock images

getresponse-email-creator-newsletter-builder-template-editorChoose from the 1,000+ free iStock  images available to produce  your email message with professional as well as engaging look. One image is worth more than a 1000 words. Use one of 1000+ photos to unlock your creative potential and attract, impress and inspire your recipients.

Awesome Email Creator

The Email Creator facilitated by GetResponse lets you represent  your creative genius with one of their beautiful templates and unlimited design solutions. With it everything awesome creative result is possible. 

Limitless creative possibilities have been possible with GetResponse. You can make any template one-off and unique; adjust every photo and image to best expose its quality with the ultimate drag-and-drop editor and its limitless options:

  1. Smart image editing: scale, resize, crop, and more – all inside your draft
  2. Email creation history: view history of your newsletter and easily undo any changes
  3. Basic blocks library: quickly add buttons, text blocks etc. anywhere you want
  4. Snippets archive: save and reuse content snippets across many newsletters

Time Saving Previews Of Email

A tool of preview offered by GetResponse gives you the screenshots of the emails as it will appear in all email services such as Outlook and Gmail. With one single click, you will be able to know that your email needs a little more effort before you send it to someone. This provides a certainty about the email and if you don’t have the inbox preview, you will never be able to achieve the confidence as a small issue in your email can be a reason to miss a highly important opportunity.

GetResponse email preview tool is completely free to all of its users. You are also able to get access to the reports that will show you that how many number of visitors have clicked your link in order to check your business.

Landing Page Creator

If you want to offer your customers a clear and direct information about your company and the products you are offering, then you should create the landing pages for the email marketing campaigns. This is offered by GetResponse, as it provides its customers with a set of tools that helps in the creation of landing pages of high quality within only a matter of seconds as it only requires the simple dragging and dropping editor.

Moreover, you also have the ability to post it online so that it can be viewed by everyone. You can insert a link in the email campaign as it will attract a large number of people.

Easy Import Of Contacts

The service of easy import of contacts is offered by a large number of companies, but GetResponse is always first in the service as they provide a simple tool of import that is able to handle a large number of listing formats for the contacts. If your list of contacts is residing in the spreadsheet or in the text file, then you will have no problem as GetResponse is easily able to handle it. If your contacts are present in any popular online service (SalesForce, Zendesk or FreshBooks) then GetResponse also has the specialized tool that collect your contacts automatically from such types of services. This is how, you will be able to simply copy and paste the contacts and addresses for uploading.


If you have a list of contacts that are dispersed in different places, then GetResponse can manage it too, as it has specialized tools to make these processes easier.

Learning Center about ”What is… and How to…

In this GetResponse review, I say that it has been performing great job as it provides effective tools and the guide for the user with the help of effective video tutorials, FAQ (Frequently Asked Question), Webinars Program, downloadable files etc


These knowledge base materials made by GetResponse are highly effective and strong as it is providing perfect instructions on the large number of email marketing topics. You will be able to learn all the tools of GetResponse with the help of these. Additionally, the access to these is highly simple.


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