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Best LiteSpeed Hosting Services for Blog or Website – Pure SSD, Secure & Affordable Shared Webhosting

You don’t have to be a SEO expert to realize why your website speed is important for good ranking in search engines. Simply, the faster the search engines’ bots craw your web site, the better rank you will get in search results.

Best LiteSpeed Hosting Services for Blog or Website - Pure SSD, Secure & Affordable Shared Webhosting web

In today’s hosting industry, LiteSpeed Web Server is a fantastic solution that has incredible performance in terms of both scalability and raw speed. When compared to Apache or NGINX, LiteSpeed Web Server delivers roughly 2X-5X faster page load speeds at about 98% lower server loads. Many tests by the experts showed that it is 10 times faster than Apache. LiteSpeed is more than 50% faster in PHP content delivery than Apache when it comes to dynamic web content. It can easily and quickly replace the bottleneck in your existing web server, because it’s completely Apache interchangeable. This means you can host many more website contents or clients on the same hardware platform, reducing your overall hardware footprint with the resultant cost savings in CapEx and associated recurring costs. So your site will be using its full capacity every single moment.  LiteSpeed is available for Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and of course Linux. This software is used by many administrators along with the control panels of the web server (such as cPanel). According to World Wide Web Technology Surveys (W3Techs), 2% of all web sites that use LiteSpeed Web Server, rank it on fourth place among the most popular web servers.

We strongly recommends LiteSpeed web server for high-volume, high-traffic web sites with a huge amount of visitors, as well as for those of you, who want to maximize their web server’s efficiency and performance. LiteSpeed hosting is more cost efficient solution than adding hardware when it comes to speeding up your web server.

 Pure SSD Shared Litespeed Hosting Plans


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