Benchmark Email Review – An Email Marketing Tool for online Business

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Why Benchmark email is of the best email marketing services tools for online Business


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Benchmark_Email is a platform that offers robust and integrated e-mail marketing solutions for companies of any size. The platform helps companies create and send compelling messages to thrill their audiences and make impact. With the rise in popularity of e-mail marketing as an integral part of marketing strategy, companies have devised ways and means to penetrate their audiences in order to get patronage or just to make the desired impact. Benchmark offers an exceptional range of benefits in this regard. Here are five reasons why Benchmark-email is said to be the best e-mail marketing tool.



Flexible Pricing Plans

One distinctive advantage of Benchmark_email is the great payment system it offers to its customers. Marketing can be an expensive venture, so choosing a plan that is flexible and affordable might sometimes be critical to overall success. It is worthy of note here that Benchmark offers impressive free plan.


You can send email-campaigns (14,000 emails/month) to up to 2,000 of your subscribers for absolutely $0 per month. Upgrade whenever you’re ready and gain access to additional enterprise features.

Apart from the free plans, Benchmark also offers very pocket-friendly pricing. The Standard Plan offers three flexible options which are mainly categorized in terms of usage. They are; the send based, list based and the high volume.

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Medium Plan

  • Up to 500 subscribers: $11.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 1,000 subscribers: $18.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 1,500 subscribers: $24.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers: $28.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 3,500 subscribers: $39.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers: $46.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 7,500 subscribers: $59.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers: $73.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 15,000 subscribers: $96.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 20,000 subscribers: $120.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 25,000 subscribers: $149.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 30,000 subscribers: $179.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 35,000 subscribers: $191.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 40,000 subscribers: $204.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 45,000 subscribers: $217.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]
  • Up to 50,000 subscribers: $230.95/month [Send unlimited emails per month]


Large Plan

  • Up to 55,000 subscribers: $260/month [Send 770,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 60,000 subscribers: $315/month [Send 840,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 65,000 subscribers: $327/month [Send 910,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 70,000 subscribers: $339/month [Send 980,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 75,000 subscribers: $352/month [Send 1,050,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 80,000 subscribers: $360/month [Send 1,120,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 85,000 subscribers: $382.50/month [Send 1,190,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 90,000 subscribers: $405/month [Send 1,260,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 95,000 subscribers: $427.50/month [Send 1,330,000 emails per month]
  • Up to 1,00,000 subscribers: $449.95/month [Send 1,400,000 emails per month]


Great Variety and Options of Templates

When it comes to e_mail marketing, the more fanciful it is the better. People will easily tune off from email that are dull and boring. Benchmark offers a great variety of e_mail templates for all occasions, designed to suit their customers’ diverse audiences. There are hundreds of templates available and categorized into twenty options for Newsletters, Products & Promotion, Holiday, Events & Invitations, Education, Entertainment, Cards, Associations, Press Release, Real Estate, Retail, Industry, Social, Seasonal, Travel, Blank Templates, Restaurant, Religious, Responsive E_mails etc. There are also specialized templates targeting specific industries like real estate, schools and religious organizations. 



With Benchmark’s stock of pro-designed amazing templates, you won’t have to worry about sending out something less than professional. You can combine themed e-mail newsletter templates with their easy drag-and-drop editor and you’ll send out a memorable email every time.


Drag & Drop Email Designer & Editor

Drag & Drop tool of BenchMark is a quick & easy option especially for a Non-HTML-Code savvy . You can simply bring the vision for your e_mails to life by dragging and dropping feature blocks and images into place. Like a puzzle where all the pieces fit … all the time!

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With Live Editing tool you can updates your e_mail newsletter as you go. You can make edits directly in your e_mail templates.


Colour Customization Options

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It is one thing to have diverse template options but another to ensure the particular template is well received by your audience. Benchmark Email allows you to customize your template with various colour options. The visual formatting tools in Benchmark makes it possible to play around with the design of your template by adding images, links, documents, surveys and targeted picture messages. This feature helps marketers transform their templates into great designs targeted by changing the look and feel of templates to align them with specific attractions for specific audiences. This creates room for maximum marketing effect.


Photo Editor


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If you don’t have any Photoshop, no problem, you can edit your images in email editor section of BenchMark. There you can also enhance your image’s outlook performance by adding effects, stickers, or even by adding a message with beautiful fonts over your photo.


Code Editor

benchmark email-best-email-marketing-tool-code-editing

Code Editor is a great option if you’re ‘HTML know-how’ person and want to build your own email from scratch or edit the HTML of an email template. You may use dual view to see the design of your email while you’re editing it.


Amazing Integration Feature

With Benchmark Email’s integration feature, users can connect their emails with their favorite apps and plug-ins. This can greatly boost the power of one’s Benchmark Email account because one can link email accounts to popular websites and services which offer direct access to the user’s marketing data. Consequently, users that maintain contact details or sales information in accounts on platforms like Zoho, Salesforce, Easy List of Shopify, WordPress, Google, Zapier and others will be able to integrate this information into the Benchmark Email account for easy reach. This can be very time saving because users do not need to build their email databases by hand but just integrate what they have on the other platforms to the Benchmark Email accounts and marketing emails are sent to the whole list in a most convenient manner. Benchmark offers integration for over 300 Apps.


New Additional Features

This has been a way of responding to the needs of customers by Benchmark Email. It is a very commendable initiative that makes it the platform for email marketers to use. The Benchmark Email feature request tool allows the customer to present ideas and suggestions on email features, design functions and other initiatives that can help users become more efficient in delivering effective marketing content. Once a feature request is submitted, Benchmark Email allows other users to appraise the idea and vote on it. The top voted ideas and requests are reviewed and the best ones are considered for adoption and implementation. This portrays Benchmark Email as not only a responsive company but also an innovative one. Therefore, going into the future, marketers can expect new additions that will make their campaigns more effective.


Free webinar program

If are interested to learn more about Benchmark and the best ways to optimize your email marketing campaigns, then you can join their free webinar program. They’ll cover creating campaigns in their drag & drop editor, uploading contact lists and much more. Learn from their region specific experts and how it applies to your audience.

What you’ll learn:

  • On-boarding: techniques from signup forms to list segmentation
  • Engagement: build customer loyalty with automations, RSS Emails and more
  • ROI: maximize success by learning how to react to your reports and using A/B testing


‘How to’ Tutorials 

There are a good number of tutorials covering all necessary topics on ‘How to do something’ with each and every part of Benchmarkemail to produce a successful email marketing campain. video-tutorials-from-benchmark-email


Video tutorials includes some below issues. You may view what you need.

Your 1st Email Campaign: Create and send your first professional email campaign using our Email Designer!

Import Your First Contacts: Get an overview of the different ways of creating subscriber lists and importing your contacts.

Real-Time Reports: Track and analyze your email metrics and trends.

Dashboard: Learn how to successfully navigate the Benchmark Email user interface.

Small Embed Forms: Easily create a small embed form that you can place virtually anywhere such as Facebook, WordPress, JimDoh and your own website.

Automated Emails: Send automated emails that go out based on specific triggers.

Engagement Automation: In this advanced tutorial, it takes you through the steps of creating powerful sales funnels using automated emails based on opens, clicks, and more.

A Tour of the Email Designer: Come take a spin of our drag & drop editor and you’ll be creating beautiful emails that stand out in your subscriber’s inbox in no time!

Preview Text: Reinforce your subject lines and improve your campaign open rate using preview text. Learn this and more in two easy steps.

Navigation Bar Block: Mirror the menu navigation of your website with inserted icons or text links. Simply drag the navigation bar block into your email template.

Image Blocks & Media: Adding images, image groups and product descriptions has never been this easy. Learn all about using images, videos and more.

Editing Images: Edit images in your email by using the built-in photo editor.

Button Block & Linked Documents: Use the drag & drop editor to create call-to-action buttons and initiate the download of documents, media & more.

Section Editing: Format the sections of your emails, add space using divider blocks and get the Instagram look for your images.

Adjust Text Spacing & Line Height: Our drag & drop editor makes it very easy to change the space between lines of text, and this video shows you how.

Global Styling Options: Control your email’s global color options and add rounded corners. Also, creating modern looking social icons for your campaigns.

Merge Tags: Add greetings & personalized messages, link to surveys and more in your campaigns!

RSS Emails: Send automated emails with links to your latest blog posts.

Plain Text Emails: Using the drag & drop editor and plain text editor, you’ll learn about the formatting differences between simple emails and plain text emails.

The Code Editor: For the HTML expert, our code editor lets you edit and live preview your rendered email design at the same time! Learn how.

Create an Easy AB Test: Optimize your campaign’s open rate by running a quick subject line test.

Social Media Integrations: Connect your social media to email campaigns and sign up forms by adding social buttons, using special edition template and utilizing our apps.

Archive: Put your emails online with their own individual web addresses.

Add Contacts Quickly: Quickly add contacts directly from your email dashboard manually or via cut & paste.

Import a Contact List: This tutorial helps you import lists from other resources.

Copy & Paste Contacts: Copy addresses from other sources & paste them into your Benchmark lists.

Add Individual Contacts: See how to manually add a person’s email address & contact info.

Signup Forms: Sign up subscribers and grow your email list.

Facebook Signup Forms: Adding signup forms to Facebook is actually quite easy and doing so can help build your audience with targeted precision.

Surveys: Gain valuable feedback when you easily create, send or post online surveys.

Polls: Discover how to create & post your own customized online polls.

AB Testing: Test multiple variables in a your campaign, including what time of day gets the most opens and more!

Targeted Emailing: Learn how to use the targeted email tool to refine and create specialized contact lists based on engagement with your content and more!

Resend Tool: Use this little tool to resend an email to newly added contacts since the email went out, or re-market to those who missed your message in their inbox.

Inbox Checker: Test and view how your email will look in different mobile, desktop and web email clients.

Benchmark WordPress Plugin: Supercharge your WordPress blog with signup forms, and send your blog posts out as formatted email campaigns.

Growing Your List: Growing an email contact list is easy! You can start by placing a signup form on your website, Facebook page, or blog. This quick overview shows you all your options and more.


5,00,000+ Customers Worldwide

Benchmarkemail has 500,000+ customers worldwide. They are pleased to announce that report in front of public. Each one of their customers, from small businesses to international brands, is very important to them and they very try their best to cordially provide with all possible supports. On their website, there are some important interviews of some satisfied clients.

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Benchmark Email offers user-friendly email marketing features and the benefits are huge. With these listed benefits of good pricing and great email marketing features assured, users can consider Benchmark Email as the best email marketing tool.


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