AWeber Review – Best Email Marketing Service Tool

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AWeber Review – The Best Email Marketing Service Tool


Why Aweber is one of the best email marketing tools for online business

Are you wondering which email marketing tool you should use? Here are some good reasons to choose Aweber as your trusted partner for email distribution. They go a step further and help you to develop a strategy. Let’s go for AWeber review-


Professional Pricing Plan 



Good number of amazing Templates and Images

One of the best things of Aweber is how fast you can create incredible response messages and campaigns. The reason is not just the number of templates and images available, but also how well organized they are. To have over seven hundred emails templates and more than six thousand images which you know you can use without worrying about rights and permits is an amazing. Furthermore, the email templates are already prepared to be mobile responsive, so you don’t even have to worry about mobile devices.

For sure there is a style that matches yours already developed in their database, but if it isn’t, they may design a special template just for you. For an additional fee, Aweber puts on your hands a group of design experts to create your template with your branding, your style or copying an existing template and making it perfect for today’s needs for Internet distribution. It is like hiring a professional designer to work just for you for peanuts. Or getting it for free in case you stick to an already existing template, which is in most cases the best choice.


Easy Drag & drop Email Builder

Aweber has a tool to edit and send your emails that anybody can use. It is a drag and drop tool so intuitive that your staff will require zero training. They don’t need to code or design anything. Your marketing team may go directly to Aweber and start sending email campaigns today.

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They will send professional, good looking and perfectly formatted emails from the start, no learning curve you have to regret. Your clients will never receive a lousy email with code flaws because Aweber has designed a platform that is fool-proof.

If you don’t believe it, then give it a 30-day shot for free with the trial program. Make your public relationship department or the marketing guys subscribe and start sending perfect email campaigns immediately.

Other tools available will let you modify the code if you are fond of programming yourself. And if you don’t believe it will be perfect from the start, then the preview option can serve you to check the work before spreading it.


Subscriber Management (including Sign up form)

Subscribers are the base to your email campaigns. Without an email list, there is no power on a tool like Aweber for editing and creating perfect emails and campaigns. An additional benefit is to manage your subscriber list with the Aweber platform.

The process starts with the information gathering. Aweber has templates to collect their initial information. That lets you have a correctly ordered database from the beginning. That is crucial for classification and segmentation porpoises, and we will go deep on segmentation on our following point.

The subscribe form options are extensive. You may browse in over a hundred options to find the perfect form for your particular market and objective.

Once you start your campaigns, the Aweber tools allow you to get metrics from every email you have spread. That way you can improve your content and make fine adjustments to your marketing strategies in real time.

You can know who has opened your messages. If you spread links, then you can get statistics on how many links were clicked, thus measuring the effectivity of your different calls to action. If you have direct links to purchasing a product, then get a graph to tell you how much revenue you generated from each campaign. This will give you accurate information about conversion. Another excellent feature is the possibility to measure your unpopularity with a graph that will tell you how many people unsubscribed from your list in a particular period.

If you are already using another provider, Aweber has excellent tools and personal assistance to migrate your current database. The best of all is that it is for free.


Subscriber Segmenting

Especially when your market is diverse, you don’t want to lose their attention sending unnecessary information. If you send to your subscribers’ valuable information for them all the time, you are engaging them in a conversation with you. Your content will be anticipated instead of erased or sent directly to the trash bin.

All the information gathered in the subscription form lets you do a basic and initial segmentation. However, Aweber takes a step further. It uses the analytics information to create more customized segmentations according to your subscriber’s response to your emails. This

further segmentation options to your list can serve to create even more efficient strategies. You may release special offers to the most important people on your list using this advanced segmentation features.

The personalization level you may get from segmentation applied correctly to a marketing strategy can boost your conversion rates.


Excellent Auto-responder capabilities

The autoresponder capabilities go beyond the traditional “do not answer to this email” responses. That can help you free time from your marketing team to handle more important things and be more creative about your next campaign.

Once you have designed the perfect campaign, use the schedule options to send each subsequent message on time. You can use the segmentation details of the previous email to configure in advance the segmentation of your following emails.

For example, if you achieved conversion of your special offer from the first mail, you may not send the further reminders to that particular client. Instead, use the auto responder to thank that customer and maybe add a new offer for a sell-up. It will look as if you were personally checking each purchase and giving each client a personalized attention.

Don’t you hate call centers that call you all over again to offer a service that they already offered or worse, a service you have already purchased? It is the same with emails. In the end, by sending the same sort of information to everyone creates a mental barrier with your subscriber. In the worst case, it will end in a termination of the subscription because you were considered spam. The great thing about Aweber is that you can avoid that sort of unpleasant situations and wisely use your campaigns immediately.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for Free


Email Tracking and Analytics

We have already spoiled a bit of this incredible feature on previous sections. But there is still new information we can add to what you already know from this post about email tracking and analytics.

You can use your segmentation options to create customized analytics to whatever key performance indicator you want to see. That way you can hit straight to the right nail to create a solid campaign for your next product.

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The results are instantly gathered and updated in real time. That way you can take decisions while your campaign is live. If you wait until it is over to analyze the campaign results, you will be taking a reactive position. Most times post campaign analysis are just post-mortem meetings that can be prevented. Work actively during your campaign to boost its success, and don’t wait until there is anything else to do. Turn your post-mortem meeting into a more positive lessons-learned meeting to integrate those tricks you used to fine tune your current campaign on the next.

To make decisions real time, the AWeber App for mobile devices will be one of your most valuable tools. Get a 24/7 update anywhere you are with the Email Tracking and Analytics App for your phone or tablet.


Integration with other systems

Analytics and Segmentation at the level offered by Aweber would not be possible if it did not integrate with other platforms. There is a very long list of third party vendors you can connect to. For sure you may log into any content management system, monitoring tools for landing pages or e-commerce, CRM tools like lead generation, social networks,


The most popular integration is with Facebook. Next, is the WordPress content management system, and PayPal to track purchases and revenue accurately. All these capabilities are designed to let Aweber adapt to your style and tools in a seamless way. You don’t need to adjust to Aweber or change anything on your current online services management.

The full list of content management and monitoring tools compatible with Aweber are:

  • Cyfe
  • Drupal
  • Geckoboard
  • Raven Tools
  • WordPress

For social marketing, besides Facebook, you can use:

  • Antavo
  • Contest Domination
  • Facebook lead ads
  • Gleam
  • Heyo
  • Rafflecopter
  • ShortStack
  • ViralSweep

Compatible e-commerce tools include:

  • @Pay
  • 2Checkout
  • Bigcommerce
  • Clickbank
  • Etsy
  • Gumroad
  • Magento
  • MoonClerk
  • PayPal
  • Selz
  • Shopify
  • StoreYa
  • Stripe
  • UltraCart
  • WooCommerce
  • Zaxaais

Landing page tools include:

  • AddThis
  • com
  • Digioh
  • Elevatr
  • Formidable Forms
  • FormStack
  • Fulcrum
  • Inbound Now
  • Instapage
  • Justuno
  • KickoffLabs
  • Lander
  • MailMunch
  • ManyContacts
  • MEG
  • OnSpot Social
  • OptimizePress
  • OptiMonk
  • OptinMonster
  • PadiAct
  • Pippity
  • PlanSo Forms
  • Privy
  • Splashpost
  • SumoMe’s
  • Textiful
  • TPNI Engage
  • Unbounce
  • Webflow
  • WisePops
  • Wishpond
  • Wufoo

The customer relationships platforms compatible with Aweber are:

  • Agile CRM
  • aMember Professional
  • Cloud-based Credit Repair Cloud Software and CRM
  • Highrise
  • Intercom
  • LiveAgent Multichannel Helpdesk software
  • Member Mouse
  • Member Sonic
  • Nimble
  • Pipedrive
  • Podio
  • Salesforce
  • vCita
  • WishList Member
  • You Don’t Need a CRM
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho CRM

Other platforms to connect Aweber are 10to8, Acuity Scheduling,Appointlet, Assessment Generator,AWtomator, Beepsend, Byji, Call Loop,Call Loop, CallFire SMS,Commander AJWe, Eventbrite,Ez Texting, FormGet, Fyrebox, Google Sheets, Hoiio, Kickbox,MeetingBurner,Microsoft Excel, Mobyt SMS, Podbox, SendHub,Slack, Smartsheet, Sniply, SurveyGizmo,SurveyMonkey, Surveypal’s, Teachable, TelAPI, Thankster,Ticketbud, Trainerize,Typeform, Vzaar videos,Webhooks, Wistia videos, YouCanBook.Me, Zapier, and Zoom.


RSS to Email Marketing with AWeber

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications


Award Wining Customer Service

aweber-email-marketing-serviceThere’s a reason why their team of email marketing experts receives constant praise. They’re the friendly voices who know the ins and outs of AWeber, and what it takes to get your emails delivered and opened. And they’re here 7 days a week via email, chat and phone to help you grow your business.

To choose a reliable vendor that has people not automated machines to solve real problems is important nowadays. Aweber is that kind of provider, featuring a professional customer server.

aweber-customer-serviceThere is a help desk based in the United States, at Chalfont, Pasadena. They will answer your questions and there to help you make the most of your Aweber subscription. You may contact the support team by mail, by the live online chat or with the toll-free telephone for the United States and a special international line for customers around the world.

All these customer service tools have been recognized by the 2016 Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service National Customer Service Association All-Stars. You even can check the status of the system live on their webpage. That way can feel confident that your scheduled emails are going to be sent on time, your automatic responses will be delivered, and your analytics are updated.


Tutorial and FAQ

You may find the answer to your needs in the knowledge database, where an extensive FAQ list is available. That is handy and useful when you need help outside working hours when there will not be an immediate response from the support team. Most likely your problem has an easy solution, and somebody else has had it already. That means it is well documented and solved in the FAQ database.

Make use of the video tutorials that will tell you step by step how to set anything on the platform. That is the way Aweber trains you to use the advanced features and tools for your marketing campaigns. Most things are intuitive, but you might need some help to learn specific workflows for particular needs. It is also a good way to explore the many Aweber capabilities and make you aware of everything you can do.


Regular live webinars

Watch for free live webinars, not just about the platform, but also about how to use it to develop a marketing strategy. Aweber regularly invites Email experts to present the latest marketing trends.

Learn the know-how from those experienced marketing professionals that have done it successfully. Then, use Aweber tools more efficiently and apply those proved strategies to your marketing campaigns. That is the best way to make the most of your Aweber subscription and boost your revenue and conversion rate immediately.


Manage Multiple Email Marketing Campaigns 

Automate Your Email Marketing with AWeber


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