10 reasons why Email Marketing is so important for Conversion?

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10 reasons why Email Marketing is important for Conversion



Email marketing is a marketing systems utilized by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe and is also considered as a major contributor to the income of many expert affiliates. It can be incredibly lucrative when done right, and you’re going to learn how with the free lessons right here. Those who are not quite familiar with this method of advertising may find it difficult to understand why it is popular among companies in different industries. In this piece, we are going to discuss some of the reason why email marketing is seen by most people as a vital marketing resource.

1. Low Cost

One of the most conspicuous benefit of email_marketing is it cost compare to other mainstream marketing tools. It has a lower cost as there are no prints or postage fee and also no need for payment in exchange for exposure on a billboard or magazine or television channel.  Though email marketing requires some investment in specialized software to automate, track and evaluate their emails and there are also some overhead cost for blasting out thousands of emails at a time, these cost are nothing compare to what you would normally expect to pay when you are using some other marketing channels.

2. Targeting

Email_marketing is the only marketing means where consumers truly ask to receive. Most of the businesses deploring this platform only send out messages to those who have signed up to receive them. This gives room for higher conversion as a result of the fact that only those who have interest in the business are targeted. While it is possible to send unsolicited email marketing message, it is not advisable as it is only like to annoy consumers while damaging brand credibility.

3. Demographic Segmentation

Over the years, segmentation has become as issue in the marketing world. While most marketing experts would happily pay more to ensure they are only targeting those who are truly interested in their business, email_marketing can take it a little bit further by sending message to only the subscribers who meet certain criteria. That is what we call super segmentation.  For instance, if a franchise has on offer for only a certain area of the country, email_marketing can make it possible to send messages to only those people in that part of the country.  Also, if there is a sale on sport goods, messages can be sent to only those who have shown interest in sport. Email segmentation works perfectly well for businesses that collect more information from their subscribers. Several studies have shown improved engagement rates for this kind of marketing strategy.

4. Call to Action

Email marketing is a great tool for taking full advantage of impulse buying. There aren’t a lot of marketing platform that takes customers from witnessing an offer to purchasing within a two click of a mouse. With a compelling call to action and a link straight to checkout, email marketing can drive massive sales like no other channel.

5. Easy Set-up

Unlike most marketing channels, email marketing does not require a huge team of technical gurus in order to get started and run successfully. While it is obviously possible to jazz up an email campaign with fancy images, logos, templates and videos, some of the most successful email marketing campaigns deplored simple plain text email. This put out the signal that the content of an email is the ultimate thing.

6. Tracking

Another major benefit of email-marketing is the fact that it is very easy to track your mistakes and successes. Most email-marketing services offers you the functionality of tracking you open, click-through and conversion rates, which makes it for a campaign to track and pinpoint area of improvement. The changes in email marketing can also be done instantly, whereas other marketing or broadcast advertisement requires quite a bit of time and effort to modify.

7. Ease of Sharing

Email-marketing offers subscribers opportunity to forward and share awesome deals and offers to their friends with just a single click. Other than social media, there aren’t a lot of other marketing channels that offers this type of viral tool.

8. Global Reach

What other marketing channels lets you send thousands of messages instantly to people all across the world? Well, social media can help you spread the world among a global audience; however, there is no way to determine who is actually reading the content. Only email marketing offer such level of precision.

9. Instant Result

Due to the instant nature of email marketing, brand can start seeing result within few minutes of sending out email. A 24 hours sales email is a brilliant marketing strategy that is often utilized to create a sense of urgency and convince subscribers to take action immediately.

10. Return of Investment

In all business endeavors, results are what matters the most.  Bearing this in mind, the most significant reason most business invests in email marketing is the awesome return on investment.  In 2015, the Direct Marketing Association estimated that email campaigns normally returns $44 on every $1 invested. A number of other sources have suggested email marketing is far better than other channels when it comes to return on investment

Now you come to understand why email marketing is so important for conversion. There are some online firms that were built to help people in this field. Some leading firms are as below:

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