How to make money blogging : Beginner’s guide

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How to make money blogging : a step by step guide for beginner


Well….Have you really been interested to know about how to make money blogging online from home?…

Look……basically blogging is not as frightening as many people generally think. I hope, by following step-by-step instructions mentioned below, you will be able to create and grow your own professional blog…

Don’t worry at all….

Let’s somewhat know about blog and blogging………


What is Blog & Blogging?


Generally a ‘Blog’ (also called a ‘Weblog’ or ‘Web Log’) can be defined as an informational website published on the World Wide Web unlike a digital magazine or diary, consisting of entries (also called posts) usually (but not limited to) appearing in chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first in general. A Blog typically includes features such as comments and links to increase user interactivity.

Variations of the term ‘blog’:

  • Blogging: The actions of managing different form of posts on a blog.
  • Blogger: A person who manage contents on a blog.
  • Blogosphere: The online community of blogs and bloggers.


Why People actually Blog?


It is an innocent question. Actually, why people blog may vary from person to person. We may categorize the reasons of blogging by bloggers into below types. People are generally engaged in blogging—

  • as a Hobby
  • or only for entertainment and fun.
  • or to promote their believes, views and thought.
  • or to share knowledge, experience and skills with people.
  • or to guide and help others
  • or to create awareness on issues.
  • or to increase own Popularity.
  • or to grow Business
  • or to earn money…….etc.

Let’s talk in detail about how to make money blogging…


A Step by Step Guide: How to make money blogging 


How to make money blogging

Step-1: Determine your goal to blogging

Step-2: Enrich sound knowledge on blogging

Step-3: Choose preferred ‘Topic(s)’ you want to blog about.

Step-4: Create a ‘Professional Blog’ to make it a Brand for your success

Step-5: Monetize your blog

Step-6: Get traffics to your blog

Let’s discuss the above points


Step 1: Determine your goal to blogging


The Intellectuals always say that everything begins with a goal in mind and nothing can be successful without a goal and plan.

So, at first you have to deeply determine why you want to start a blog. Look once again at the answers to the question ‘Why people blog?’ mentioned above. Determining the goal to blogging will be the first step to have a key to be a successful professional blog.

For example, you have to firmly decide whether you want to take blogging as your full time online profession or part time to earn money, or you mere want to blogging only for entertainment and fun, etc.

But this website has been produced to help fulfill the goal ‘Make Handsome Money with Handsome Online Profession’. So, I’ll prefer to suggest that your goal to blogging will be to grow your career on blogging. If so, then look at the next step.


Step 2: Make research  on blogging to Enrich your knowledge


This step is so clear to understand that it doesn’t require any broad explanation. Because, you cannot proceed to a single step without knowledge on any type of affiliate marketing, market and product.

It is our good luck today that there are lots of materials available to make research in order to enrich knowledge on blog and blogging, markets and places which are very easy to get online even sometime for free.

You can collect valuable written information, ebooks as well as video tutorials for free on affiliate marketing, markets & its’ products from thousands of website.

Just spend one or two hours a day to make research and enrich your knowledge and start blogging.

But I’ll suggest that you should take any quality training course on ‘Professional Blogging’ so that you are able to be a qualified professional blogger and make passive income online every month. If you are sincere about blogging, I recommend you to join any quality online course to learn about how to blogging in order to be a successful professional blogger. Click here to join now


Step 3: Choose preferred ‘Topic(s)’ you want to blog about


After determining your goal to blogging and accumulate reasonable knowledge, your next step will be to choose a preferred ‘Topic’ you want to blog about. It is a very important step for those who want to be ‘Professional Blogger’.

Not that you like a topic and just jump into it because you are seeing many other people are in it!!! No…No…No…

You should take  time to think about the topic you want to go for blogging about.

Many people suggest that you should choose only the topic that you may be immersed in or passionate about.

But, true to say, in order to build a career to make money blogging, only passion or interest on a topic cannot work. In fact, it’s somewhat impossible to build a potential Professional blog around 99% only on the base of our passions.

Look…If you have passion and interest, for example, on the topic like  ‘Becoming a better representative of a Medicine Company’, ‘Watching Sunset over sea’, ‘Retirement’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Ancient Valuable Stamps’ etc for your blog, you may have no chance to get reasonable number of audience around the globe and apart from it, you have competitors also on these topics, and that is why, it will be quite impossible for you to grow your blog as a professional blog.

Some researchers say  that there are only a few hundred topics out there where blogging really works well like the topics on ‘Ways to making money online, ‘social marketing’, ‘media based’ etc that have many factors to continuously attract people around the globe and really there are hundreds and millions of people interested in those topics.

So, I suggest that in choosing a topic for your blog you should consider below three major things at the same time:

a. You surely have to have passion for your preferred Topic. Otherwise you may leave blogging after some days when you feel boring with it. At the same time-

b. You have to choose that Topic which has a magnetic influence to attract the vast majority of the audience, at the same time, which has professional future.

c. As a modest professional blogger, you should avoid any topic which goes against a good humanity like Pornography, Gambling, Online Hacking, Cheating etc

So, how do you choose ‘The Right’ one? As a newbie, you cannot easily answer that question until you make a reasonable research on it.

But, if you can take the above three points into your sincere consideration, I can give you some guidelines that may be helpful for you to choose the right ‘topic’  for your blog. Those are as below:

a. It has been observed that the most highly popular blogs among the leaders have a total market size of minimum 5 million visitors. Think about why this huge number of visitors are gathering on those blogs, and what things do they get from those blogs, I mean what topics do those bloggers deal with.

b. Researches say that the major part of the blog readers are generally between the ages of 25 to 55. Make research on the topics these blog readers are interested in and passionate about.

c. Try to choose such topic which may changes in different forms in different times but has an ‘ongoing interest generating power‘ that can influence visitors for lifetime. The reason is that content on blogs are published on an ongoing basis, and you need such audience that has an ongoing interest on your topic so that you can retain them to the topic of your blog forever. For example: ‘ways to earn money online’. All people need money and love money and always want to know the ways to earn big money as easily as possible. And ways to earn money definitely may change in different forms in different times, but the mentality of loving to earn big money will not change ever and so you always get audience on this topic. What you don’t want to choose is a topic,for example, pregnancy, because people are only interested in these type of topic for a few months only and so you will lose them after that time.

Just spend one or two hours a day to make research and pick  suitable topic(s) for your blog.


Step 4: Create a ‘Professional blog’ to make it a Brand for your success


Your own blog will be your identity on the INTERNET, the destination of your offers where potential visitors all over the globe may reach you to.

Here I have used the term ‘Professional Blog’ that means your blog should reflect Professionalism, should focus on making a true impression to the visitors  that  your blog is reasonably handsome, smart, and has quality resources that they actually want. To do so, you have to sincerely concentrate on fulfilling some vital requirements.

So,  let us see what things require to launch a ‘Professional Blog’. It basically requires the following things:

a. Purchase a right ‘Domain Name’ that best matches for your blog

b. Choose ‘Self Hosted Platform’ and purchase suitable hosting package from a quality hosting company for your blog

c. Install ‘WordPress’ (a famous  ‘CMS software) from cPanel of your hosting provider

d. Customize your blog

e. Add quality content

Let’s somewhat discuss below on these points:-


a. Purchase a right ‘Domain Name’ that best matches for your website

A ‘Domain Name’ will be your site’s unique address and identity which reflects both your site’s brand and the way that people find your site in the Internet. Domain Name also impacts your website’s success in nearly every area like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) to a great extent.

This is why, when starting a new website, one of the most significant decisions you have to take is—

  1. Choosing a right ‘Domain Name’ that best matches for your site. To know more about this issue, please read How to choose the best domain name for your blog or website
  2. Purchasing ‘Domain Name’ from a reliable and professional quality ‘Domain Registrar’.

In this case, the name of domain name registrar comes first is, the king of domain registrars which is considered as the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar. More that 61 million clients have trusted on them in registering domain names. You are most welcome to buy your domain name with

And the name comes after as domain name registrar is, a renowned ICANN accredited ‘Domain Name Registrar’ Serving customers since 2001. has about 2 million customers and more than 5 million domains registered. You can buy your domain names from

You can also buy domain from a very reliable professional domain registrar

But, if you ask me which domain registrar will be perfect for all of you if you want such a domain registrar which is highly secure, reliable, cost effective on its end in comparison to its all competitors, easy-to-use, offers no hidden or unnecessary fees, then my answer will be it is . Those who are its clients must agree with me, so far I believe, without any doubt. Just see below a comparison [on .com domain for 1 year] and judge for yourself—

Affiliate Marketing

I’m a happy client of, and saying it on the basis of my 100% own experience and research. My domain name of this site is registered with and want to be with them until my death or death of my site. I recommend it for all. Please Visit–


Attention: Many people suggest or try to convince people to purchase domain name and hosting services with the same hosting company. But I suggest that you should completely avoid these two with same hosting company, rather purchase a domain from a separate ‘Domain Registrar’ and a ‘hosting service’ from another separate hosting company. To know more, please read Why you shouldn’t register domain name with your web hosting company

b. Choose ‘Self Hosted Platform’ and purchase suitable hosting package from a quality hosting company for your website

Yes, you should know that in the Internet, there are two types of platform for making website:1) Free Hosted Platform, and 2) Self Hosted Platform.

If you would like to know more about what a Free Hosted Platform is, and what a Self Hosted Platform is, and which should be recommended for whom, I’ll suggest to carefully read Which is the Best Blogging Platform for an Affiliate Marketer or Blogger

Well….conclusion of the discussion mentioned in above link is that a ‘Free Hosted Platform‘ suits best for those who are not serious about affiliate marketing and don’t want to take affiliate marketing as their any kind of profession. So, outside professionalism, you can use free platform. But as your website is going to be the source of your income and as you are going to take affiliate marketing as your profession, you must choose ‘Self Hosted Platform’ for your Professional Affiliate Marketing Website.

So, I have taken that you choose ‘Self Hosted Platform’.

Now come to the question of choosing a right ‘Hosting Service Provider Company’ so that you can purchase a cost effective suitable package of quality hosting service from them to host your website therein and run it efficiently and effectively.

But as a beginner, selecting the right ‘Hosting Service Provider Company’ and choosing a suitable hosting package for your website is not only crucial, but a headache also! Pro Affiliate marketers know it full well.

Because, none of the hosting companies in the world is without some pros and cons and there are several web hosting packages available, such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting etc offered by the Hosting Companies, and also many factors, like Popularity, Reliability, Uptime Performance, Page Loading Speed, Disk Space, Brand-Width, 24/7/365 Support, Cost, Money-back-guarantee etc, are to be seriously taken into consideration before choosing the right Hosting Company and hosting package for a website. And most beginners have about zero knowledge and experience on these following issues. Yet, if you want to make research on this subject to find out the right one, you may do.

But if you think that my suggestion will help you decide, as a beginner, to choose the right hosting package from a right hosting company, then I must suggest you to purchase ‘Shared Hosting’ package from . It is very professional and cheap Web Hosting provider with very good performance ratings.

Secondly I suggest for  It is a very good budget web hosting provider that offers professional services, very fast network speed, good uptime and performances.  

Thirdly, I suggest for . It is a highly recommended webhosting company that provides A+ quality hosting services worldwide.  Thousands of customers have been satisfied with its better uptime performance, faster page loading speed, 7/24/365 customer support by experts.

Fourthly, I suggest for . It is also a very fantastic Website Hosting company in industry that offers excellent performance and services. It is also a good budget hosting solution.

Fifthly, I’ll suggest for bluehost which has been rated as one of the top class webhosting companies for wordpress. Even this bluehost is one of the highly recommended webhosting companies for wordpress by itself. join

If you don’t get your preferred one from the above hosting providers, then you can check out for more at Here also.

Note that this web page contains some affiliate links associated with respective retailer companies or firms and I’ll receive certain amount of commission from those companies if you click on the links that redirect you to their respective websites and make final purchase.

c. Install WordPress (a famous ‘CMS software’) from cPanel of your Hosting Provider

Look….. most people who want to have their own blogs are only general people, non-technical, and are not web developers, designers, or programmers. So, some years ago, the general people did not have any way other than going to the web developers, designers, or programmers for producing their sites, and they had been charging high cost upon those site owners.

Not only that….If you hire someone of web-designers or web-developers to build your blog, you have to pay them every time you need an update of your site. Apart from this issue, security of your blog will be always in their hand, and if they anytime lock your site for any relevant or irrelevant reason and don’t let you use, then hah…hah…hah….goodby site…. There are lots of histories like this.

But today, some ‘CMS’ software developer companies have developed quality package of ‘Content Management System (CMS) application program’ that are fortunately free to use, at the same time, reasonably easy to use even by general people like you and me who have goal to produce own professional blog with lower and affordable cost and at the same time without being submerged into the complexity of software programming and coding knowledge.

Today’s outstanding CMS softwares include WordPress (WP), Joomla, Drupal, Web-Builders, OsCommerce, Magento, AbanteCart, PrestaShop etc.

Which CMS should you install?

How to create a Blog Each of CMS software has pros and cons. But not only me, but also all those who have even little experience about using the most popular CMS software ‘WordPress (WP)’ will suggest you to install this WordPress on your Control Panel (cPanel) of your hosting company while avoiding other CMS softwares. WordPress is enough for a beginner as well as for a professional users to produce blog with as high quality as you can.

Benefits of using WordPress (WP)

a. WordPress is absolutely free to use. That means it is free to download, install, use and modify to produce blog. This is great for every user.

b. WordPress is also a 100% open source. That means it is open as to be a software source code which is available for anyone to study, modify and run with.

c. WordPress has been made by the developers so easier to manage than any other CMS softwares that even a non-technical person can manage to produce a professional blog using this without knowing software programming or HTML or CSS etc. even not hiring web developers, designers, or programmers. Fantastic!!!

d. WordPress has an unbeatable feature set. Currently there are over 4,000 plugins and 700 themes that are listed at !!! If you want your blog to look better in a bit shorter period of time, you’ll not find anything better than WordPress.

e. WordPress has been developed with a built-in updating mechanism that allows you to update your wordpress software, plugins and themes on autopilot from within your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Open-source developers continually release updates to WordPress and its plugins for free — this is huge!

f. WordPress can be used in several different ways like blog, Arcade, Gallery, Portfolio, Rating Website, eCommarce Store, Membership Site etc.

g. WordPress software is pretty enough SEO friendly, and you can make it more by using SEO plugins.

h. WordPress is faster to setup. Another good news is that most reliable and outstanding hosting companies offer ‘1-click WordPress Installation’ facility within their ‘Admin-cPanel’ area for their clients, which is very easy.

i. You’ll find matchless and uncountable number of articles and video tutorials discussing about WordPress’s installation, how to use different portions of WordPress and its plugins, both in short and great detail, in comparison to other CMS softwares.

Pretty enough!

With all the above things taking into consideration, I recommend ‘Wordpress’ for my all visitors to build their blogs and to transform blogs into almost anything they can imagine. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress. So, why not you?

If you still cannot understand or face any problems with installing WordPress, then you can solve it by contacting  the support teams (live Chat support team or offline support or even phone call) of your hosting company. They will guide you. Don’t worry.


d. Customize your blog

Customization of  a blog basically refers to the process of modifying different part and parcel of design and layout of that blog, in accordance with what the blog owner wants it to be, with a view to satisfying the requirements of appealing appearance and functionality of the blog.

One of the magnetic ways of making visitors keep coming back to your blog is by having a gorgeous outlook and design of the site as well as  having the layout of the blog as though visitors find everything in their hand. And what determines this overall layout and design of a blog/site is known as ‘Theme. So, today customization of a site basically refers to the process of modifying different part and parcel of theme of a website.

I have mentioned above that some years ago, the non-technical general people had no other option but to go to the website designers and layout experts for producing and developing their websites or blogs. But today we can get ready-made themes (both free theme or premium theme) with different designs and layouts for our sites.

Today, theme developers are building themes with adjustable configurations of different CMS softwares like WordPress (WP), Joomla, Drupal etc so that even non-technical general people can easily use these themes with those CMS softwares. In this case, the below steps are to be followed:

  • A theme is to be installed in a CMS software (for example in wordpress)
  • Theme’s over all design and layout are to be customized from the dashboard (admin Panel) of the CMS software instlled.
  • Some required plugins are to be customized from the dashboard (admin Panel) of the CMS software instlled.

To be honest, describing part and parcel of it is impossible. You can get details about WordPress customization here.

You can install free theme from within wordpress for your website, if you want. But as a professional affiliate marketer, you should install a professional theme which has a good looking design and layout and, at the same time, which fulfill the requirements of your need of theme customization effectively. To get high quality themes, you may visit below websites-


e. Add quality content

Content of a blog is just the information presented on that blog in different forms, for example: text content, image content, video content etc.

It’s very important to produce your blog with useful, unique and quality content so your visitors can easily understand the core point of your message and are satisfied with the information they are actually looking for in your blog.

Because, poorly written, badly presented and resourceless content can frustrate and discourage visitors from staying on the pages of your blog or returning second time to your blog in future.

And if people do not bother to visit your blog second time any more, then you must rethink to enrich your blog with quality content, because it is the sign of your failure to satisfy the goal of your blog.

Not only that. the SEO authority of Google, the king of all search engines, confirmed that Google robot wants quality content for higher SEO ranking of a website. So, if you have a little knowledge on SEO, then you have got the point of importance of quality content of your blog. Read what Google says on Quality Content.

There are three things  you have to consider when creating quality content:

Is the content relevant and resourceful to your audience?

Is the content qualitative  and interesting to your audience?

How should the content be presented to your target audience?

I have said earlier that it is our good luck today that there are lots of materials available to make research on to enrich knowledge on a subject. You can collect valuable written information, e-books as well as video tutorials even some cases for free on this issue. Just spend one or two hours a day to make research and enrich your knowledge on a certain topic and produce quality content for your blog.


Step 5: Monetize your blog


So what is ‘Blog Monetization’? In terms of blog, ‘Monetization’ basically refers to the process of making money from content sources that exist on your blog by converting your blog’s visitors into revenue generator.

Monetizing website is essential for those who want to take blogging as their online profession. Because without monetizing your blog, you can not think of making money from your blog.

So, you have to have good idea about how to monetize a professional blog. There are various ways to do so. But we can summarize ‘Blog Monetization’ under below points:

  • Monetizing blog by promoting own Product or service:

Your blog may be a good place for you to sell your own products or services to the visitors of your blog. For example, you are a good cook and want to sell your different types of recipes to the local customers or the customers who live in some given regions. So, you can produce a recipes oriented blog so that the potential customers can know about your recipes in great detail from your blog and finally become buyers. You can also prepare ebooks on your recipes to sell it for certain amount of money on your blog. You can also start, in your blog, an online ‘course’ on how to produce recipes.  So, you can see that in this way, your blog is becoming an online income source. It is one kind of blog monetization. Clear?

  • Monetizing blog by offering Freelancing Service:

Today, Freelancing is considered as one of the best ways to make a bit handsome amount of money both on-line and off-line, by using skills people already have – or skills on certain topics that they can improve over time. The Internet has greatly expanded opportunities to earn handsome amount of money working as a freelancer. Millions of Freelancers work online and offline, full time or part-time, and earn hundreds and thousands of dollars every month according to their skills and experiences. If you are highly skilled and get profound experience on SEO, Graphic Design, Web Design or Development, Content Writing or on any other online subject, you can promote your specialty through your blog to make money.

  • Monetizing blog by promoting merchant’s product or services:

The vast majority of the professional bloggers are interested in making money by monetizing their blogs through promoting merchant’s product or services in various ways. Hundreds and thousands of people all over the world are engaged in this type of blog/site monetization and making big money online.

Lots of people are involved in affiliate marketing and they monetize their blogs with affiliate links, banner ads, text ads etc provided by merchants they got affiliation from and earn commission. Its a great way to make money online through blog monetization.

How to create a Blog

Another way people generally apply to monetize their blog is CPI (Cost Per Impression) system. The most notable PPC systems include ‘Google Adsence‘, AdChoise etc. You can join RevenueHits, an good alternative to Google Adsence.

  • Monetizing blog by renting Ad Space:

When your blog will grow and get good number of visitors per day, then if suitable, you can rent certain ‘Ad space’ on your blog, for certain money and time, to those who would like to promote their websites, products or services through your blog. It is a very good online income source through your blog.

To monetize your site, you have to concentrate on the below points:

  1. Try to write high quality reviews about the products or services you want to promote on your blog so that your visitors are able to think they originally get what they actually want to know about them.
  2. Don’t try to just regurgitate the information about the product or service found on the merchant’s sales page, rather try to depict your personal experience, if possible, with them.  At this, people may be confident that they are receiving an honest review from you on a particular product or service, and  this may result conversion.
  3. If efficient, add text link/banner ads on suitable place of your blog like side bar or top bar or bottom bar or even on the surface of the page to highlight specific product or service.

You have got a priary idea about how to create a blog and below let us know how you will get traffic to your blog.


Step 6: Get traffics to your blog


Traffic means rush of visitors to your blog. More traffic means more eyes of audience and so more people who will potentially buy the products and services  you promote on your blog. So, its importance is beyond explanation.

How to create a Blog

But how do you get reasonable number of expected traffic in today’s competitive world? The answer to this question lies in the answer to this following question—‘Is my blog worthy of getting traffic?’

Ok……let’s clarify this with an example. When do you see a notable rush of customers (traffics) everyday in a shop?’ You see that scene when that shop has—

  • Attractive outlook
  • Quality products and services,
  • Products and services with affordable price,
  • Sufficient collection of those products that customers want,
  • High Publicity

From the above example, probably you can now clearly understand about when you’ll get a rush of visitors everyday to your blog.

Actually building a blog is not so difficult. But building a successful professional blog which will be worthy of attracting and retaining significant number of traffics is not so easy, especially in such competitive world.

But if you follow the below tips, you can increase your blog’s traffic. We can summarize the tips into 2 major points:

Make your blog highly SEO friendly to increase conversion

Test different types of traffic sources

Let’s have a look at these points:-


1. Make your blog highly SEO friendly to increase conversion


SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. And you know the popular search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing etc that people all over the world always use to find out their preferred websites or web pages by searching.

People generally search ‘key words’ on a search engine, take a glance at the result of the 1st page (sometime 2nd or 3rd page) only among thousands of relevant pages and finally browse some of the sites  which appear on the first page.

This is why the sites owners always want to have their sites at least on the first page of those search engines so that their  sites appear on the top of the first page of those popular search engines when people will search. And what online mechanism they are required to apply to do so is referred to as ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or ‘SEO’.

Professional ‘Site/blog owners’ always fight for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the above reason.

So, if you can do better SEO for your blog, and your blog is able to be appeared on the top of the first page of those search engines, then you have higher chance to get huge number of visitors for the topic your blog focuses.

And the more audience your blog will get, the more you have chance to make money from your blog monetized.

I think you are somewhat worried that you are a non-technical and unskilled person to do good SEO for your website and so how you’ll do that. But don’t worry. You have two good options for your website’s SEO.

1. SEO Plugin, or

2. SEO Service by Experts


1. SEO Plugin: As far as SEO Plugin is concerned, some highly experienced SEO software developers have already launched high quality, very useful and easy-to-use ‘SEO plugin softwares’ for all including even non-technical persons like you and me. Thousands of people use them. I highly recommend Squirrly SEO Plugin, a magnificent SEO plugin for wordpress websites, for all wordpress users. I myself use ‘Squirrly Plugin’ for SEO of my site. ‘Squirrly’ is much better than other SEO Plugins out there and has SEO experts and support team to facilitate you with their gorgeous offers, help and support. Its’ installation, setting and configuration all are easy to use and finally awesome. According to me, if you install ‘Squirrly plugin’, it will make you needless from any other SEO plugin. Learn more about why I recommend Squirrly

2. SEO Service by Experts: There are uncountable number of SEO experts in the world and most of them, except a few, are expensive. Yet, if you are interested to find SEO Experts for blog’s high ranking, you can visit, a high quality SEO service provider firm.


2. Test different types of traffic sources

Regardless of what Niches you want to promote on your blog monetized, you will need to test a variety of traffic sources before you can find the winner one for your blog. Because some offers through some niches may convert well on a particular source, whereas other  might be better suited on another source.

I suggest to use and test the below sources for getting huge number of traffic to your blog.

  • Manage Email-Marketing program

Most of the grandmasters of  blogging world of the world suggest taking especial care about managing email marketing to succeed in this field. It is undoubtedly still  a very effective and proven way.

If anyone somehow drops by your blog and has a good experience with your blog, and if you think that s/he’ll come back  to your blog again to check out all of your new posts and offers whenever you post or provide any offer for your visitors, then it seems that you have about 10% chance that you’ll see them again, because s/he will not be informed about your new posts or offers timely.

To solve this problem, experts suggest to build up email list of potential visitors to your blog and to increase it as you can as possible so that you are able to inform about and remind them of your new posts and offers timely.

Researches say that Internet-Persons check their emails many times a day. You should take this chance to contact your potential visitors through email. It means when you get people to join your email list, you can actually reach them with your offer randomly.

Expert bloggers recognize this innovation and work hard to develop new ways to optimize email marketing practices to better communicate with their audience. Email Marketing Softwares have made this easier task to accomplish, to a great extent.

For this, you have to track email addresses to increase email list of the potential buyers so that you can send your offers through your website monetized to them very easily. And people generally open their emails many times a day.

There are some online firms that were built to help people in this field. Examples include Benchmarkemail, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp etc.

In order to pull some of these ‘would-be-visitors’ back, experts highly recommend creating an ‘RSS feed’ using ‘Feedburner’ and putting visible buttons on any suitable place of your blog encouraging those who enjoy your content to sign up.

  • Utilize your Social network to grow potential audiences

Researches say that today Facebook has over 1 billion, Twitter has about 271 million, Google has over 300 million and LinkedIn has over 300 million active users. There are lots of other social network platforms also out there like: StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Care2 etc.

Together, these networks have tremendous influences to catch the attention of a huge number of Internet users around the world to your blog, as these social-media-people pass most of their time therein.

You have always high possibility to make your blog familiar to the potential circles, friends, groups and followers associated with these social networks in order to grow traffic for your blog. So you should surely take this chance.

Join the Site-Communities where your targeted Audience already gathers.

There are lots of blogs/sites that basically relate to the preferred topic of your blog where you may get a large number of potential visitors for your blog. Once you’ve determined the communities where your ‘soon-to-be-readers’ gather, you can start participating there. Create an account, post valuable comments to attract them to your blog.

  • Participate in Q A oriented Sites

There are lots of sites in the Internet where thousands of people all over the world ask questions every day to get answers from the experts or men with experiences on certain relevant fields. Choose your topic oriented Q A sites and attract potential traffic to your blog. is a good example of this kind.

  • Take advantage of Paid Advertising Platform

If what you want to do with your blog works properly, then you can spend more money to grow your traffic on paid Advertising Platforms. It has the advantage of being able to start very quickly, if not instantly.

Many affiliate marketers manually use paid advertising platforms to generate targeted traffic to their sites & offers and thereby make passive income.

Different social networks like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc have their own paid advertising packages for their potential clients so that clients can promote their blog & offers to the targeted audience. Above I said that today Facebook has over 1 billion, Twitter has about 271 million, Google has over 300 million and LinkedIn has over 300 million active users. So, Paid advertising on social networks is definitely a fertile place for promoting your blog with its offers.

Depending on the type of your niche/topic, Google AdWords might be a good option for you to drive good number of traffic to your blog.

There are some platforms like ‘’, ‘GigBucks’, ‘SeoClerks’ etc. where there exist lots of talented freelancers who are ready to drive traffic to your blog for certain amount of money.


We have tried above to focus on an important point that if you want to take blogging as your full-time or part-time profession, you should have a professional blog for blogging which you have to drive traffics to for making handsome money.

Some merchants clearly put the obligation to have a website/blog before approving someone as their affiliate to promote their product and services. If you want to monetize your blog with some affiliate links, then a professional blog of you will be a plus point for you.

But there are lots of merchants out there who don’t put the obligation to have any website or blog before approving someone as their affiliate. They only provide affiliate materials like unique affiliate  link, banner link etc to the affiliates for promoting their products or services on some predefined and acceptable platforms.

Always keep in mind, how much quality content you post and how much decoration you may do to your blog, but without traffic, your blog is zero. So, give a separate sincere concentration on increasing real traffic to your blog.


I have tried here to explain the steps on how to create a blog and make money blogging in a little descriptive way so that these steps become somewhat clear to you before starting. You should keep in mind that millions of people, who are pure non-technical person like you, are engaged in blogging and making big money from home. You too become determined to be involved in such a field where you are your own boss and have freedom of life to make money online even from your own home and lead a good life.

So, Ready?

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