Why you shouldn’t register domain name with your web hosting company

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Why you shouldn’t register domain name with your web hosting company


It is highly recommend by aware professional bloggers and experts that you should not register domain name with your web hosting Company and at this your domain name and website will be safer than the opposite.

We see two types of firms or companies that-

-do business as a ‘Domain Registrar’only. For example Namesilo.com

-do business as both the ‘Domain Registrar’ and at the same time ‘Hosting Service Provider’. Examples include: Godaddy.com, Hostnine.com,  Hostgator.com etc. Today most of the hosting provider companies are seen that they offer both domain registration and hosting service.

We also see two types of people who-

a. purchase the domain name with  a separate ‘Domain Registrar’, and the ‘hosting service’ with another ‘Hosting Provider company’.

b. purchase ‘domain name’ and ‘hosting services’ from the same hosting company.


So, which action is better and safer for you?....


Many people suggest or try to convince their audience to purchase ‘domain name’ and ‘hosting services’ with the same hosting company. But I highly suggest and recommend that you should completely avoid purchasing your domain name and hosting service with the same hosting company, rather do keep your domain registrar and hosting provider separate firms. If possible, I suggest to keep your DNS (Domain Name System) separate as well.

So, why you should not register domain name with your web hosting company ?…

The main reason is that this’ll reduce the risk of your website’s being disabled  for short or long period of time, or being deleted even forever by your hosting company, if you have some kind of dispute with them for any necessary or even unnecessary reason, or if your hosting company unethically restrict you to transfer your website to another hosting company. But if your domain registrar and hosting company are separate from each other, then you can easily take your website elsewhere, without them holding your domain hostage.


To fully understand my point, you have to have better understanding in Domain Registration, DNS, and Hosting Services. I am just trying to explain my point here  in a simple way.

You should know that ‘Domain Registrar firms’ (for example: Namesilo, Godaddy, NameCheap etc) only do business primarily by providing the service of domain registration facility along with some other secondary offers (premium or free) related to domain registration, but they do not own or possess any domain name or extension. One of the important secondary services of them for their clients is DNS (Domain Name System) service.  Most of the domain registrar companies offer DNS facility so that their clients, the purchasers of domain name, can attach ‘Name Servers’ (provided by the hosting company) to DNS in order to properly run their websites.

On the other hand, Hosting companies do business primarily by leasing spaces in different forms with some related additional services to their clients for money so that clients can point the already purchased domains and host the whole data of their websites therein. Today most of the hosting companies act secondarily as ‘Domain Registrar’ also (so definitely with the DNS facility for their clients).

All web hosts keep full control over what your website can do being remained into the womb of the leased space. Almost all of the hosting companies have several restrictions in their terms of service (especially shared hosting) which limit what you can and can’t do.

If your hosting company permanently stop its business or restrict you, for any reason, to enter into your dashboard area even for long, still your domain will have your SOA (Start of Authority) pointing to your DNS provided by your separate domain registrar. You can still move your website to a different hosting company.

But if you purchase or get free domain name with your hosting company, then both your domain name (along with DNS) as well as your hosted website will be in the womb of your hosting company. In this case, if your hosting company permanently stop its business or restrict you, for any reason, to enter into your dashboard area, you can’t simply change web hosts in the event of a problem or dispute. Because, your domain name, DNS and data of your website everything is now in the womb of your hosting company. There are a lot of stories of this kind in the Internet occurred even with many renowned Hosting companies, indeed. So, be careful.

So, you probably somewhat understand about Why You Should Not Register Domain Name With Your Web Hosting Company.

register domain name

register domain name

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